About Us

We package and sell professional and personal services. Our packages are for busy individuals and business owners and are based on life events and business cycles. We understand the services you will need for each stage of your life and business and our packages are specifically designed for provide a wholistic approach to meet your needs and requirements. Our service providers are experienced and professional who provide quality services at reasonable prices.

louiseLouise Arminak, Lifemanager’s Chief Executive Officer, has been a practising lawyer for over 15 years, specialising mainly in property and commercial law. Louise has gained extensive experience in a variety of roles, including as a senior lawyer in a large corporate law firm, deputy general counsel for a government authority, in house lawyer for a property developer, senior writer for a legal publisher and as director of her own legal practice. Louise founded Lifemanager to provide real solutions for individuals and businesses, utilising her established network of experienced professionals to provide quality, timely and comprehensive advice.